We want to sweeten your world with a taste from Argentinian orchards.


Founded over 25 years ago by a family of growers, our industrial plant arose from the desire to export our produce, nowadays reaching more than 30 countries and establishing ourselves as one of the biggest companies in Argentina.

We are a modern and continuously technologically updated aiming to fulfil satisfactorily the most demanding markets of the world, doing what we love and contributing to the development of our country.
The client is our top priority and vertical integration is our strength: we are growers, packers and exporters, which allows us to ensure traceability and supply chain.


We work to sweeten the world with quality food and its magnificent nutritional properties, based in our values and commitment towards our clients, health and welfare.


To be a leading company in growing, packing and exporting dried prunes.


- Costumer focus
- Commitment
- Integrity
- Cooperation
- Continuous learning and growth
- Corporate Social Responsibility


Healthy flavour Explosion.


Eight products with a high power of production

  • Tenderized

    Ashlock pitted

  • Tenderized

    Elliot pitted

  • Without stone. Low Moisture

    Preservative free

  • Tenderized

    with stone

  • Natural Condition

  • President

    without stone

  • President

    with stone

  • For industrial use.


Our passion for our product makes a difference in everything we endeavour.


Our orchards are carefully planned to obtain premium crops in volume, size and health.


We pursue the continuous improvement of our processes alongside our highly qualified staff in quality control and laser scan technology.


We are committed to establish communication channels that guarantee the product arrival in destiny through an excellent logistical and administrative work.


Bondiola rellena con ciruela y frutos secos

Una receta para ocaciones especiales...


Pastel vasco con confitura de ciruela

Disfruta de una merienda diferente...


Clafoutis de ciruelas con crema de almendras y albahaca

Supera tus espectativas de algo dulce con esta preparación...



Our enthusiasm finds no limits


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